Thursday, October 11, 2012

Easy to be Easy

I have always been easy.

Nope, not that kind of easy. In fact, the suit of armor I wore during my dating years was recently installed in the Smithsonian's new "Inhibited, Uptight and,Yet, Cantankerous" wing. 

I, however, am referring to alcohol and medication.

If you've ever been seated near me at a wedding or at dinner, you will note that I become a total dope after little more than a sip of champagne or gulp of wine. I feel it enter my system immediately where it first takes up residence in my upper arms or collarbone region and then hits me smack in the brain where it causes all sorts of mischief (and embarrassment for Seth).

When it comes to over the counter sleep aids, I must halve or quarter them or I will fall into a coma that can last upwards of 15 hours. And, if I should have reason to take a percoset, I am as stoned and warmly hallucinatory as any zoned-out subject in Dr. Timothy Leary's LSD experiments back in the 1960's.

Dr. Leary and his infamous quote.

This degree of susceptibility to drink or drugs is usually associated with people of a delicate size and shape yet the only time the word "delicate" has been applied to me is when referring to my grasp on reality.

It is what it is and I have learned to adapt. But I was very easy yesterday, too...only this time in a different capacity.

I'd been feeling kind of glum...not sure if I was coming down with something, I felt lethargic and tired and spent the day dragging my feet between chores and thinking dark thoughts.

About a half hour before sunset, I shuffled past a window and noticed that the mantle of grey which had hung damply over the day had lifted.

In its place was an aqua sky and a few clouds whose linings had been pierced by long reflective rays of silver,  peach and gold.

It certainly wasn't the most beautiful sunset I've enjoyed through that window. In fact, it was a very modest attempt on the part of Mother Nature to show us what she's got, but it was all I needed.

My spirits rose immediately. My heart lifted, my mood turned and all those dark thoughts were replaced by a feeling of pleasant optimism.

Yes, some might call this being a wee bit bi-polar. Nonsense. I call it another manifestation of being easy....easy to get tipsy, easy to get sleepy, easy to be cheered by some pretty clouds and blue skies.

I'm still feeling good today. I hope you are, too.


  1. Nature has that effect one me too. Flowers, leaves, sky, trees - you name it!

  2. It's nice, isn't it, Stajie? I consider us lucky. XO

  3. Are you sure you weren't the other kind of easy in high school?

  4. I believe that you, like me, are always willing to be happy. That makes us easy. :-) --- Shiela in Texas

  5. I am easy in the same ways. We are special.

  6. I love this. Well said Susan! I don't have mood swings I'm just easy :)