Friday, September 16, 2011

Damn You, TV! I Really Tried...

I know I promised to read more after our recent power outage but our old cable box died and the cable guy (the same one who came last year but, this time, he was definitely not high) did all kinds of magical things and left me with not only a shiny new cable box but also a brand new, right-out-of-the-box, freshly minted clicker.

Books are really great -- we can all agree on that -- but they're, like,  just words.

TV is pictures that move and voices and colors and music and Will Arnett in a new series, for God's sake.

And that clicker---ooh la la!

It's smooth and cool to the touch and designed more ergonomically so it fits into the hollow of my clicker hand just right.

Will Arnett--always hilarious.
It has more buttons and when  you put it in your mouth hold it in your hand, it feels really empowering and when you rub it against your face press the buttons, you can get picture in picture which is so much easier than turning stupid pages.

It's sleek and silvery and the buttons are red, green, yellow and blue just like M&Ms and I don't think "Southland" has been canceled, after all and even though I'm annoyed that they moved "The Good Wife" to a new night, I'm okay with it.

Not everything was sunshine and lollipops. With the installation of the new box, all the stuff I'd DVRed was, of course, lost.

Gone forever (or, until they rerun them for the millionth time) are all my "House Hunters International" as well as several episodes of "Las Vegas Jailhouse."  But no one said life was perfect.

By the way, did I mention that, after about six months with no caffeine, I had about 75  a few cups of coffee this morning

Clearly, I am going to hell. I hope they have television there.

What am I saying?  Of course they do. That's where it was originally developed.

Have a great weekend!!  Thanks for reading, signing up and commenting. See you on Monday!!


  1. Hi kiddo. Just popping by to say hey..............

  2. Hi, back!! I bet you are working diligently right now, young lady!

  3. i LOVE that you put a picture of Bones up.

    And that new Will Arnett show looks damn funny. Mostly because I no longer have a baby.

  4. I love Bones!!! And I loved the pilot for that show!

    And no, she's no longer a "baby" but she's still YOUR baby!