Friday, May 25, 2012

Fantasia vs. Chaka or Happy Memorial Day to All!

It looked even worse on TV and yes, that is a slit
on the side of the leg.

I am still recovering from Fantasia Barrino's outfit on American Idol last Wednesday.

Between her and Chaka Khan (who I have loved since she sang with Rufus many years ago), I have had to lie down frequently with a cool rag across my forehead and a basket of assorted carbohydrates by my side.
Chaka then...

I am all for people expressing themselves in their outfit choices. After all, taste is personal...individual...and risky.

And I would NEVER comment on anyone's weight unless you're LeeAnn Rimes, that skinny husband stealing witch.

Fantasia and Chaka took a risk by packing their very "solid" selves into unflattering outfits and are taking the heat as a result. Such is the life of a diva.

The worst part is that they both sounded terrible.
....and now.

Fantsia simply looked insane. I think Chaka lost some weight recently and was determined that we all knew it...but her skin tight sequined Spanx, worn on the outside, was not a good look.

Luckily I have the Memorial Day weekend to recover.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone and remember, we are celebrating a lot more than a watermelon cut into the shape of a bowl and filled with more watermelon.
A Memorial Day treat

And, we are honoring a lot more than the mega-sales at Macy's...

Thank a veteran if you have chance to. If not, say a prayer for the souls of all those who gave their lives.

And, don't forget to have fun!

Here's Chaka -- circa 1974 -- when she sounded  g-r-e-a-t...


  1. Horrible outfit!!!

  2. Without my glasses that outfit looked like full body chain mail. Whatever it was it was one thing for sure- an unfortunate choice.

  3. They both looked and sounded awful. I don't know who was worse.

  4. Agreed, Michelle! Have a great weekend!

  5. It was best to leave one's glasses off when viewing inthis case, Michele...I hope you have a fruitful Ecofab weekend!

  6. Hard to call, Alyssa...hard to call.

  7. My eyes and ears are still trying to recover! I honestly don't think i've EVER seen an outfit quite like Fantasia's.....WTF was she thinking? Did she honestly think she looked good?........did she even think about checking out her ample profile in a mirror????????

  8. While watching the Idol final last night (two-day delay in New Zealand, I know), I was convinced that Chaka and Fantasia were both wearing Eddie Murphy's cast-off Fat Suits from The Nutty Professor. But I still love Chaka. She always tells me something good. As to Eddie and Fantasia, not so much.