Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The John Travolta Mess or Say it Ain't So, Vinnie Barbarino!

As Tony Manero
Have you heard the newest lurid lawsuit stories making the rounds of all things tabloid?

It's about John Travolta.

I just finished reading about it and even though I'm all alone, I'm feeling a little uncomfortable. Susan Says is no prude but there was enough talk about dangly bits to make a cat blush.

Not that you asked, but I feel this is a multi-dimensional issue.

John Travolta's sexual orientation has been murmured about for a long time now. Chances are that where there's smoke there's fire which brings me to my first point: It's a shame that, under any circumstances, one has to keep their sexuality (in essence, their true selves) under wraps.

In Hollywood, however, secrets have been kept since silent film stars were expected to be sexual paragons...straight sexual paragons, that is.

Rock Hudson, the iconic heartthrob of the 50's and 60's, famous for his brawny looks and way with the ladies on screen, was gay and everyone knew it except, at the time, the public.

I understand why gay actors who earn their reputation as romantic leads choose to keep silent and, no doubt, that will continue -- and that is their choice, just as their sexual orientation is -- but if the scandal-seeking media smells a story, God help you.
The cast of "Welcome Back,

John Travolta, first known as the adorably dopey Vinnie Barbarino on "Welcome Back Kotter," got most famous in the 1970s for being Tony Manero, the horny dancing phenom of disco-fied Brooklyn. While Tony Manero was certainly not gay, the man who portrayed him is an actor. The actor may, indeed, be gay. John Travolta is not Tony Manero.

However, if he is gay yet chooses to keep his sexuality under wraps, he should not be asking for peenie rubs from a masseur, either.

I told you this was complicated.

Now if things weren't controversial enough, let's toss religion (and, in this case, I use that term very lightly) into the pot. John Travolta is a Scientologist. Scientology believes that homosexuality can be cured (their words, not mine). 

Most of what I know about Scientology is what I've learned from the true source of all things: South Park.

But since, we're friends, I will admit to being pretty sure that it's an insane cult that calls itself a religion...but hey, I can name a few traditional religions that have trouble maintaining their integrity thanks to some pretty awful stuff, who am I to say anything (but I still think they're nuts).
So sexy as Danny Zuko
in "Grease"

The point is -- again, my opinion --  that you can't cure (eliminate, alter, modify, unlearn, alleviate and a thousand other words) homosexuality. It's biology. Boo-yah. Is it ever-so slightly meaningful that Travolta and his gay-rumored pal, Tom Cruise are Scientologists? Who knows?

And, finally, why is any of this law suit material? 

The words "sexual battery" have been used. That terminology refers to an act of violence yet I have not read of anything other than some exceptionally smarmy verbal aggression and highly icky but otherwise non-violent behavior.

The two masseurs bringing the lawsuit should have walked out of the room...or punched him. Leave the lawyers out of it.

Let's say this is all true. Would they be satisfied with an apology and a nice bundt cake? I doubt it...they want two million bucks apiece.

Supposedly there is proof that Travolta wasn't even in the state when all this supposedly occurred. Plus, he's planning on suing his accusers for besmirching his character because, whatever his sexuality, his reported behavior was definitely creepy. Unfortunately once you're accused of something, you are forever identified with it so a vigorous counter-suit might look good.

Maybe, since his reputation is no secret, his accusers smelled money. If it's total horse hockey (and I bet it isn't) and that can be proven, they deserve a good beating.

In a perfect world, we could all openly and publicly be exactly what and who we are. Since it's still kind of a tricky concept in certain circles, let's all just be honest and well-behaved.
Well, hello.

I will end with the words of my favorite gay man, Mr. Ricky Martin, before he came out abut his own homosexuality, "Fantasize about me any way you want."

Well played, Ricky, well played.

             Gay, straight, scientologist? Just enjoy this....


  1. I wish we lived in that perfect world. Good article. I enjoyed it and agreewith most of it. Especially scientology.

  2. I know I live at the bottom of the world, but HOW did this news (and I use that word loosely) pass me by??
    Thank you for being my eyes/ears on the world.
    Though, I think - whatever your sexuality or religion... keep it to yourself. It is not my business. Be whatever you want to be - it's all fine with me.

  3. Agree with Janet - thank you for dishing the celebrity gossip that somehow slips right by me, Susan!

  4. A most loving "your welcome" to both Janet and Stajiebuns. I try to do what I can. Now you are both full prepared when someone mentions this in the produce aisle or in the adjoining pedicure chair. XXXOOO

  5. Thanks, Victoria...I wish we lived in a perfect world, too. Thanks for stoppingby today.

  6. Nice article and you make a lot of very good points. Just a couple of comments... First, a masseuse is female while a masseur is male, which drove my nitpicking mind a little buggy. Last, why does there seem to be the assumption that Travolta has to be gay if he's attracted to men? Bisexuals exist!

  7. Hi, Anon! You are so right on both counts! and, with thanks to you, I am about to correct my mistake about masseuses vs. masseurs. I don't consider that to be nit-picky in the least.

    And I do agree that bisexuals certainkly exist. In Mr. Travolta's case, I do thinhk he is gay despite his 21 year marriage and his having fathered three children.

    Thanks so much for your visot and for your correction!

  8. So agree with this one. Why can't we all just be honest about ourselves without criticism from others? Oh well, I guess I'm wishing for a perfect world.

  9. I think if you're a Scientologist and gay you have to throw yourself into a volcano- I think.

  10. The volcano idea makes perfect sense to me. The kids in Southpark would agree!

  11. I never heard that quote by Ricky martin!! Awesome. And John Travolta will never get away from these rumors will he? I don't know it is true or not. I just know that every few years there's a new rumor about him!