Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Catch-Up: Cats, Birds and Mistresses Edition

As the weekend approaches, many bloggers sum up their week in a sort of catch-all post.
I haven't done that until today but I've received many queries as to the health of Nifi the Cat (aka the Mad Pooper) and would like to update you on that and a few other items, as well...
Nifi stayed at the vets for an overnight last week to ensure he was peeing properly after an X-ray revealed that, like a child at an amusement park who doesn't want to take time to hit the bathroom, his bladder was enormously full and he was resisting the litter box.
Nifi's doctor with a patient
Unlike the kid who, inevitably will pish himself up on the Tilt-A-Whirl, Nifi hung on for nearly 12 hours before tinkling, returning home with an advisory for me to keep a watchful eye. 
After another week of lethargy and odd behavior (He began hanging out in the laundry room. Seth claims it was a signal since he doesn't usually venture in there but I still think he just wanted to do laundry), back to the vet he went where antibiotics are being administered for a fever he was running. He should be coming home today.
Unfortunately, I have terrible news about Sylvia the Bird.
It's taken me two days to be able to talk about it but, on a routine Sylvia-check, to my total horror, I found that her nest had fallen from under the deck and lay on the ground, ruined and empty.
The consensus is that a predator (as in racoon) somehow dislodged the nest from above and the babies became a tasty meal.
Sylvia was in the yard flying in agitated zigs and zags but I am told she will rebuild and have another nestful soon.This is little comfort to me and I miss her solid and reliable presence. I hope she builds in a safer location next time.
No longer cute...
Between all this and the news that the late Elizabeth Edwards threw herself to the ground in a parking lot upon learning that her snake/bastard of a husband was still involved with his rodent of a mistress, I seem to feeling a bit ferklempt.
Never was cute.
Since it seemed apropos, I warned Seth that if I discovered he has a mistress (rodent or otherwise), I will not emulate Elizabeth Edwards. Partly because once I fall, it's difficult to get up and partly because I would prefer to smash my Fran Drescher coffee mug to smithereens over his head and put him out in the backyard where he can build a nest next to Sylvia's.
In other news, we had thunder so loud this morning that I think my eyelids rolled up into my head because I can't seem to be able to close my eyes and the cats are either hiding under the bed or on their way to the Port Authority to catch a bus out of here.
On that note, I wish you all a great weekend. Thanks for reading and commenting. See you on Monday!


  1. What is with the laundry room and cats? Mine hid in there when he broke his hip.
    Poor Sylvia! I hope she has a new set of babies soon so she can calm down. Same thing happened one year with my cliff swallows and they recovered quickly. I guess that is called the circle of life.
    As for Elizabeth Edwards, I felt bad for that poor woman before I knew all the gritty details. Now I feel terrible! Poor lady. Now her children are hearing about it. So sad.

  2. Cheer up, Susan! Nifi will be well soon. Mama Sylvia will rebuild. As for John Edwards, he’ll get what he deserves (being eaten alive by rodents, in his case).

  3. Love this one! I hope Nifi gets well soon!

  4. Poor little Sylvia... and Nifi too - I hope they both recover XXXOOO
    I'm off to google Elizabeth Edwards...

  5. Michelle, my tiny, windowless laundry room stays nice and warm from the dryer being on so maybe that'swhy it's nice spot if you don't feel well and I will relay your condolences to Sylvia.

    The whole John Edwards thing mkes me want to puke (on him).Have a great weekend!

  6. I like the way you think, Anastasia. I am finally getting past Sylvia's bad are all right about the circle of life. It's a bird's life! XXXOOO

  7. Thank you, Samantha! I think Nifi is schedukled to come home tomorrow. I will send him your regards!

  8. Thanks, Janet...I think Nifi would like to pee in John Edward's shoes if he knew the whole story!