Friday, October 29, 2010

                     Halloween, 1964

The weatherman said that the newly cool weekend temperatures were perfect for trick or treaters this Sunday. Wrong! Tricksters prefer a mild Halloween night so that mom doesn't force the issue of wearing a warm jacket or coat over the costume.

I used to battle to the death with my mother when she demanded that I cover up my tiered princess skirt--sewn by her--or my colorful gypsy garb--sewn by her--with a drab, everyday jacket. I, a cold-weather afficionada (even as a child, I seemed to have hot flashes), would pray for warm temps so I could be unfettered and let my inner princess shine. 

Have a great Halloween, old friends and new!! Don't cover those costumes with dull jackets and have fun. Thanks for reading this week---see you all on Monday.

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