Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today is the final day of November and I can't remember, in recent years, a month flying by as quickly. Thanksgiving has come and gone and Black Friday (second year in a row where someone has ground a stiletto heel into my foot without an apology--come on, mister, where are your manners?) and Cyber Monday are behind us. Trees are starting to twinkle in front windows and I am already starting to tire of the song, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus."

Christmas specials are popping up on TV and I've received a few holiday cards in the mail (thank you--the kids have gotten so big!) Another more unusual manifestation of what could be early holiday stress seems to be that professional football players seem to be getting a little crazy. Calm down, men. You don't have to bake sixteen cranberry-white chocolate chip loaves for your neighbors, do you? 

The White House is in a tizzy, too. A pre-occupied President Obama--shooting hoops with friends--gets whacked in the mouth because he's obsessing about what color sleeveless sweater he will purchase for Michele this year. His aides have been affected too--they set aside one hour for an important sit-down this morning meant to ease tension between Republicans and Democrats. One hour. That's not enough time to shake hands and compare power ties (and certainly not enough time for the thumb wrestling portion of the meeting). But, I suppose, they all want to get to the malls and start shopping.

I don't get all that stressed out about the holidays anymore. Sometimes I pretend to so I can feel like part of mainstream America. What I am most concerned about right now is the passage of time....it's getting away from me. Did anyone notice November sneaking by? I plan on digging my heels in a little as December rounds the corner--let's try and make the most of the one month of the year where friendship, amity and peace are official policy. 

So, "Susan Says..." is taking action, officially declaring tomorrow, "Lets-Not-Get-Too-Stressed-Out-In-December-So-We-Can-Actually-Enjoy-It-Day." Whichever holiday we are preparing for, let's wisely budget our time, money and sanity so that we can put less rum in our eggnog for medicinal purposes and more actual cheer in our hearts.

See you at the mall--I'll be the one returning your smile.  Just watch that high heel, please....

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