Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well, That's Obvious!

Last night, I fell asleep during the debate between the current crop of Republican presidential hopefuls. Buzzy was on my lap, the room was dim...it was inevitable.

I awoke at the very end. Just in time to hear Mitt Romney and his hair finishing up a comment in response to a question asking what he had learned there in New Hampshire and during the debate itself.

Mitt Romney: "New Hampshire loves the future."

Thank you, Mitt.
I knew this.

How about that, New Hampshire? Since your calendar doesn't end next year and neither Harold Camping nor Jack Kevorkian is pictured on your state flag, I guess you do "love the future." But what does that even mean? And why did it creep me out just a little bit?

I bet Jon Stewart will have fun with that tonight.

Then today on the morning news, there was a story about how it can now be "confirmed," through scientific research, that dogs are sensitive to the moods of their masters.

Does this surprise anyone?
I knew this, too.

I have never had a dog, but I always assumed this was a given.There's a dog on my street named Otis who hardly knows me but can tell when even I'm in the dumps and does everything in his power to lift my spirits.

Wouldn't you agree, dog owners? I'll check with Mitt Romney first, but I'd have to say that this is kind of an obvious statement, too.

Not five minutes later, Seth called as I was looking out the window. The morning is a grey one and the rain was falling so hard that the drops seemed to be hitting the ground and bouncing upwards and wetting my neighbor, who was retrieving his newspaper, twice. I waved to him and answered the phone.
What a great idea!

The first thing Seth said to me was, "It's raining." It was then that I realized that this was going to be a day of the very obvious.

So here are a few more for you before I head out to face the rain and dogs that want to cheer me up:
1. There is only one good Baldwin brother (and even he's a little scary).
2. Pinocchio never achieved any credibility even after he became a "real boy."
3. Roberta Flack is unrecognizable.

If you can think of any more, let me know
What has this woman done with the real Roberta Flack?


  1. Our dogs are totally aware of my ever changing moods. For the most part they're really good at cheering me up when I get down.

    Of course the few times I'm severely pissed about something they all seem to magically disappear.

  2. My cats are the same. I don't think we needed that "scientific study."
    Thanks for stopping by, Michele.