Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

Here's a "Susan Says..." classic for Valentine's Day...

For Valentine’s Day this year, Seth and I decided that, as our gift to one another, we would refrain from trying to kill each other for a 24 hour period.

Don’t be shocked.This is a generous and affectionate gift after 30 years of togetherness.

Lately, we’ve become like the Pink Panther and Cato—never sure when the other will leap from behind a pile of laundry to engage in mortal combat, aging pinwheels spiraling through the house until, exhausted, one of us gives up...until next time.
Being married for a long time is both a blessing and well, another kind of blessing. I can read Seth’s mind. Literally. I’ve proven it many times. It’s as if his thoughts travel across his rapidly enlarging forehead in the same digitalized font as news travels around the tickers in Times Square.

I can also tell you exactly what he is going to say before he says it. Depending upon location, specific landmarks provoke pre-recorded comments like “Who the hell would paint their house that color”? Or, upon passing a tag sale, “Why would I want to buy someone else’s crap-- I have my own damn crap!”

While I, too, have pre-recorded comments that he anticipates, he will never read my mind.

I remain an enigma whose thought process is encased in a lead shield of mystery. This is also known as being a woman. We may be predictable on certain levels but, even after years of trying to crack the code, our thoughts remain our own. 

It occurred to me, with a enormous degree of shock, that I might annoy him as much as he annoys me. It’s true that he’s the one who falls asleep in front of the TV with his mouth open wide enough to swallow our bedroom set. But am I not the one who staggers to the kitchen in the morning to greet him with a post-sleep hairdo (a vortex whose morphing shape, he claims, I use to communicate with my home planet) so frightening that any sane man would gag and hurry towards an exit? Yet he does not…he kisses me hello and says something pleasant. The bastard.

Previous Valentine’s Days would find us scrambling to get a table at a cozy restaurant or acting surprised when a dozen roses appeared. As the years progressed, I’d had enough with the roses as well as being rushed through a meal. I think being together a long time makes you a realist—about your partner as well as yourself.

In a long-term marriage, realism is usually tempered by enough compassion and friendship to soften the edges. For example, I should probably have removed the previous comment about Seth’s forehead….
One of my favorite Valentines was received as a little girl from my mother. It may have been my first conscious Valentine, because I remember expressing surprise when I was presented with a lovely bouquet of Charms lollipops for no apparent reason.

My mother explained that, one day, there might be a special someone who would be my Valentine but until then I was hers and she was mine. I remember saying the same to my sons when they were little.

I still tell them that, not just on Valentine’s Day but until Seth is able to get the net over my head and my world, temporarily, goes black. Back then little boy kisses were offered with home made cards. Nothing could have made me happier. 
Sometimes I wonder about future generations of Valentine givers. Kids have come to expect instantaneous gratification at the click of a mouse or the flourish of a Wii wand. Will they expect that same immediacy from their relationships with humans?

Marriage is about compromise and patience--things not widely taught in tech class. The divorce rate was already high before all this began so who knows. What I do know is that it’s definitely worth the pay-off if you can hang in there.
So, what do you do with a man who is so good and kind that he robs you daily of your natural vitriol, tries diligently to diffuse your natural negativity and does not leave you because of your morning hairdo? You marry him.

Happy Valentine's Day to all with love.


  1. Thanks, Scott...I've always said snarky, cynical minds think alike....and Mrs. Wily Guy is a lucky girl! Have a happy, chocolate-y Valentine's Day! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I have a good hubby, too. Lucky in this disgusting world. Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. I still don't have a husband and, frankly, except for my cousin's, it seems as if i might be the lucky one among(st?) my friends who do have them. i wore red today. i went out to my favorite thrift store and bought a red short sleeved sweater (office worthy) but i don't know why. it is the worst color on me, i only like it on a fire engine or a prius. anyway, reading susan's quick married valentine summary, i almost wish i had a seth, too. well, i'll check back next year and maybe surprise everyone!? Happy V-Day, all!
    i think i have to sign off as anonymous, but i'm a ct cousin!

  4. Isn't it amazing how our Valentine's Days wants have changed so very much over the many years? I feel just like you.

  5. Hello, Anon#1...Even in this "disgusting world," a day where one gets chocolate in nice boxes, is always a good thing. Happy V-Day to you!

  6. Anon#2, a CT cousin, eh? I think I know who you might be.

    Yep, I got lucky but there's a lot more out there than being married. And I bet red looks better on you than you think. You can comment as yourself next time, I think. XXOO

  7. Yes, Michele, it sure has changed. In the beginning, the day and what I received mattered. I can't even remember why. Now, it's the grand sum of daily life and it's many reality checks and blessings. You are so right!

  8. There is another CT cousin with another beloved husband. Must have been an oversight by anon CT cousin. Happy Valentines Day.

  9. My husband and I have only been married 3 years. Both of us have been married before. We are much more realistic about love and marriage now. Good thing, too. I am cranky in the morning and he snores loudly. (one is not related to the other.)
    Happy Valentines Day!

  10. Dear Anon#3...all this mystery! Happy V-Day, un-anonymously.

  11. Michelle, isn't it something how perspective and maturity help relationships!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and thanks for stopping by!