Friday, May 6, 2011

How Mothers and Trees Are Similar....

At first, you might not think that mothers and trees are similar beings but, upon closer inspection, the similarities cannot be ignored.

Trees and mothers come in many different sizes, shapes and colors.   

So do sofas for that matter…. but sofas are not brave steadfast and proud… trees, and mothers, are.  Trees put down roots so that their branches will grow strong and be nourished just like mothers do for their children.  

And, trees are appreciated, respected, enjoyed and also, occasionally, peed on, just like mothers.  They are also sometimes taken for granted as we lean against them for support not unlike how mothers are occasionally thought of, or not thought of, by their children.  

They are part of the landscape, dependably blending into the scene but when it’s raining we rush beneath their boughs for comfort and they become exactly what we need.  And, trees are beautiful…..just like mothers.
It is in the spirit of these similarities that we would like to wish those of you who are mothers, a very happy Mother's Day a few days early...and remind those of you who have moms, to call them. 

You only get one, after all.

I will be taking a wee break but will back here next Wednesday. Have a great weekend, everyone. Thanks for reading!


  1. Happy Mother's day Susan! You failed to mention that both trees and mothers need water and sun dirt to live.


  2. Happy Mother's day. I hope your boys make a HUGE fuss of you, because you are pretty darn special. x

  3. Hey, Geoff!!Imagine meeting you here! You are so right...thanks for stopping by and don't forget to wish your lovely wife a happy Mother's Day from all of us!!XO

  4. Thanks, never fail to make my day!! They better make a huge fuss or....or....insert something violent here.

  5. Happy Mother's Day Miss Susan. I really like the "peed on" part. How true. Enjoy your time off.