Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Question: How Often to Blog? Answer: Cut Back Slightly When You Start Becoming Agoraphobic

Dear Readers,
Me, lately.

There are large piles of dishes in my sink. Laundry is mouldering in the hampers. The cats haven't been brushed and I am rapidly losing my finely-honed-over-the-decades social skills.

I have also been considering buying a ventriloquist's dummy for companionship.

I am pale and pasty and have defrosted nearly everything in my freezer so there's more room for the severed heads  to cook for dinner in order not to have to leave the house.

I haven't visited the mall since November and am certain that the guys selling face cream with "authentic" salt from the Dead Sea miss me as does the woman in the tea store who lives for my comments on the "brew of the day."

I haven't taken a walk for exercise since the mid-eighties and still have Tears for Fears in the tape deck in the car.

The preceding paragraph is a total lie. I walked about six years ago and it's Rick Astley (oh my God, remember him???) in the tape deck.
The point is that I am cutting down from five posts a week to four. It will be random so please continue to look for me. I hope you will miss me as much as I will miss you but I really do need a little fresh air.

Plus, I think I may have forgotten how to drive.

Love, Susan Says...


  1. Baby steps. It's all baby steps.

    While you're out would you pick up some shampoo for me? I was blogging so much I think I forgot to wash my hair.

  2. Maybe I should give up blogging for Lent!


  3. Tell Buzzy there is no spoon :)

  4. Sharyn, what kind should I get for you?

  5. what the hell is a tape deck???
    i kid i kid lol
    enjoy your day off Susan :) and of course we will miss you!

  6. *sad little dinosaur face* I completely understand! I never have time to get what I want posted when I want to post it. Stupid "work." I've got 2 ready to go! :) I still always have time to read YOURS though!! hahaha.

  7. Thanks, Janet and Bee. And a tape deck is an outdorr structure built to hold your scotch tape, of course.

  8. Little dinosaurs must never be sad, Cat. Lookng forward to the two you've got...