Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter May be Over But There's Still Lots to Celebrate

Hug him tomorrow.
As Americans return to work today,their fingertips stained various shades of the Easter color palette from dipping eggs, we know that we now face the B list of holidays, having used up those on the A list.
Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are the holy trinity of huge holidays celebrated here in America.

Between the younger set wearing pilgrim hats made of black construction paper and the cooks reading still more variations on what makes a delicious stuffing plus later awaiting the arrival of both Santa and the Easter Bunny, we have elevated these days of celebration and forgotten the meaning of others.
Dreaded "Easter Hand"
Does anyone realize that today is actually World Penguin Day? Well, it is and what's more, it's followed by the all important holiday, Hug an Australian Day. If you can find Hugh Jackman, I say go for it!  April 29 brings us National Shrimp Scampi Day and we close the month with a total waste of time but a holiday, nonetheless: National Honesty Day.

May holds Lumpy Rug Day, National Candied Orange Peel Day, Lost Sock Memorial Day as well as my personal favorite, held on May 13---Blame Someone Else Day. I can now look forward to that every year.
Celebrate this on May 9

While these are completely legit, most Americans don't even know they exist and focus on the more popular B list holidays.

While Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are both extremely important and immensely meaningful, they receive far less acclaim than their gift-oriented relatives. Uncle Sam is not said to stumble from house to house with red, white and blue wrapped chocolates or gifts unless your drunken uncle hit the numbers, decided to rent a costume and tries to break in long after the BBQ is over.

And, while the sale of hot dogs and all the corresponding culinary accessories soar both at the end of May and the beginning of July, it often seems more of a time for store-wide sales than a time to really think about what the holidays actually mean.
Good reading

So, my suggestion is that we don't relegate them to flip side status this year despite their somewhat lower profile. Let's, at the very least, attend a parade this Memorial Day and cheer loudly as the oldest vets trundle along in jeeps and the youngest pass by in their desert fatigues. And let's read the Declaration of Independence aloud before the company arrives on July 4, explaining to the kids that this is what the day is actually all about

Just because the Easter Bunny is nursing the sore pads of his giant chocolate-delivering feet and Santa is in St. Croix with Mrs. Claus (at least I hope that's Mrs. Claus) before production ramps up at the North Pole, doesn't mean we don't have a lot to celebrate before the cycle starts in November.

Until then, save some of your Easter chocolate for May 6 which is another of my new favorite days, National No Diet Day!
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  1. I would hug Hugh Jackman every day. :)

    The 4th is HUGE around here! Another big one for us is...get this...Cinco de Mayo. Yep. Even though we are white Americans, our general proximity to Mexico and our highly Hispanic population causes us to partake. Because really, I just need any ol excuse to drink Coronas and go by my Mexican name for the day, Gata. Which is Spanish for Cat, of course! :)

  2. My dad reads the Declaration every 4th, or he did when I was home (just haven't been to confirm).

    As for me, holy days and national holidays will be more meaningful once I no longer work at a restaurant. Of course, my graduation will be on Mother's Day :D And I will celebrate by drinking with my mother and my grandmother.

  3. Gata!! I love that!!! Felicidades, Gata!!

  4. Katie, Charlie's dad reads it, too...and I wish graduation weekend wasn't on Mother's Day!

  5. If they ever come up with a lumpy thigh day I'll be all set.

  6. well us Canadians celebrated Blame someone else day a couple of weeks ago.
    although i tend to celebrate that every day :)