Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And Now, A Word From Your Mother

As a deranged, neurotic harbinger of doom parent, every once in a rare while you receive concrete proof that something you've been bleating about like a sheep for years, is correct.

Not that you, as an overwrought high strung headcase a mother, needed proof because you knew it all along. But it is a triumph to be able to say to your children, who fought you tooth and nail, "SEE, I TOLD YOU SO, YOU  UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BASTARDS!!!"

The below video is just such proof.

Proof, specifically, that cyclists should wear helmets while peddling...especially when traversing the African plains.

If the sound of dazed human groaning upsets you, turn off your volume but be sure to watch the entire video so you can see that the rider has survived without injury thanks to his bicycle helmet which was shattered...instead of his head.

Okay, did you see that?

I hope that you didn't turn off the sound because if you did, you missed the hilarious part of the video: when the companion of the rider who gets hammered by the antelope, screams "Holy cow!"

Oh my God.

It wasn't a cow. It was an antelope.

In any case, Tom and Charlie and everyone else, this is why you must always wear a helmet.

Just be sure to wear it correctly.


  1. Giving new meaning to the phrase, "hit and run."

  2. I am laughing (I will go straight to hell).
    Helmet wearing is law here, it became so because a local woman campaigned for it after her little boy became brain damaged after falling off his bike (he hit a stone). Listen up Tom and Charlie - this is just a very small part of how the mama is always right! XXXOOO