Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If Charles Manson Calls, Hang Up.

I just read that Charles Manson (who has aged very badly, by the way) was discovered to have a cell phone--LG, flip variety--under his mattress in prison and had made many calls before it was confiscated. While this may explain several hang-ups I've received lately, I am hoping that his illicit phone activity amounted to nothing worse than calling the zoo and asking for Mr. Fox.

Who could he have been calling? Does he have any friends?  I shudder to imagine that he does, indeed, have admirers because every sicko who's ever been in the public eye racks up in point, the irredeemably horrific Scott Peterson (killer of his wife and unborn baby) who receives marriage proposals from women who write to him. Marriage proposals, people.

In contrast, I also read a story about a fellow by the name of Cornelius Dupree who was incarcerated in Texas for 30 years for a rape he never committed. Freed by DNA evidence and the help of a New York group called the Innocence Project, he was eligible for parole more than once during his sentence but would have been required to admit guilt and be labeled as a sex offender. Refusing to do so and steadfastly maintaining his innocence, he served more time than anyone else who was wrongly convicted and will receive financial restitution from the state for over 2 million dollars. Not only do I empathize enormously with Mr. Dupree but I can only imagine what his mother went through. I hope she lived long enough to see her son exonnerated.

I wish Cornelius Dupree well and congratulate him on his new found freedom and amazing lack of bitterness. I also am reminded to be very grateful for Caller ID. If the phone rings and it says, Manson, not pick it up.
DNA--gotta love it.

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