Monday, January 31, 2011

Hunks on A Truck -or- Another Thing I Love About Firemen

All New York City firemen are wonderful. That's been proven time and again in small ("Sir, my cat's in that tree over there!" ) and immeasurably huge (I don't even need to say it) ways.

New Yorkers also know they are ridiculously handsome. There was a period sometime in the eighties when they all seemed to have mustaches and were extra melti-fying.  Young mamas, such as myself, would push strollers past fire trucks parked by local groceries so the firemen could stock up on macho food items for their firehouse meals, and we'd stare like idiots. And ladies, I know, for a fact, that it wasn't just me. You know who you are.

Not only are they lovely but they will be at your house in three minutes, ready to pull you from a burning building. Combine this with the fact that they look like they do and the combination is mesmerizing. Beloved by men and women alike, they are rock stars on the streets of New York, and doubtless, cities all across America. It turns out, however, that they are lifesavers in another way, too.....

Thumbing through the paper the other evening, I was sick over the state of the world. Between people dead in car trunks and snow banks, violent political unrest, joblessness, global warming and the trivial but disturbing news that the Girl Scouts are cutting down on the number of cookies in a box to reduce costs, the news was taking its toll on my sunny (read that as bitter and cantankerous) disposition.
Luca loves firefighters, too.

Then I came across a black and white photo of a little boy talking shyly to a handsome New York City firefighter. The picture was taken at a ceremony honoring two members of the FDNY for saving lives by donating their stem cells. Upon further investigation, it turns out that FDNY firefighters are the largest single group of bone marrow donors within the New York Blood Centers Special Services.

Owen Fay (Engine Company 33, Manhattan) donated twice, saving the life of and restoring a normal childhood to Luca Campana, a five year old from Texas. Michele Fitzsimmons (Engine Company 67, Manhattan), a third generation firefighter, saved Michael Wolak, a father of two from Michigan.

This bit of poignant sunshine was what I needed to remind me on yet another day of mudslides and murders that sometimes the news can be good.  Most people are good. And NYC fire fighters still look good but, most importantly, illustrate the fact that--despite the old saying--beauty can be a lot more than skin deep.
In case you didn't believe me.


  1. Thank you, Mrs. Szold for giving me another criterion for my future spouse:

    Must be a hunky hero! :D

  2. MmmmHmmmm! Sometimes I contemplate setting my own apartment on fire just to be rescued. I don't think Joe would be too happy about it though. Men always ruin all the fun!

  3. Ahhh, Katie...hunkiness is nice but not necessary....but nice...

  4. Don't do it, Cat...although I'll bet they're lovely in Dallas, too!

  5. My neighbor had a cat stuck way high in a pine tree a couple of years ago. I called our local FD. They wouldn't come. I thought that was crummy. We were only three blocks from the firehouse.

  6. Bummer,Michele. That is, historically, their job. Shoulda called the FDNY...they love cats.

  7. Not necessary, but, like you said, it's a bonus :D

    I am sharing this with all my girlfriends........

  8. Holy pyjamas, that is my next husband! xxx

  9. Next time the NZ Fire Service puts out a calendar I will send you one - you can do a comparison! Thanks for your comments on my blog - I tried to reply but sometimes I can't! - it gave me SUCH a thrill to hear from you xxx