Friday, January 7, 2011

The Nest Empties Once Again

And you thought I was kidding....
Our younger son, Charlie, just left.

Belting himself into the car in which he and his cat, Tito, will make the six hour drive back to school, his departure officially brings the holiday season to a close. As we wave goodbye to Charlie, we are also waving goodbye to the youth, energy and fun that a visit from either of our boys ensures. Once the car is finally out of sight, we walk the mile or two we've chased it--barefoot--back home and go inside. After all, we have a schedule to follow.

First, I must turn the heat down to levels that only I and a menopausal Yeti can possibly endure. Then, I will dress in several layers, preferably thermal, including a hoodie which I will wear with the hood up, drawstring tight so all you can see are my eyes. Seth has done the same.

It is now time for the obligatory fight portion of the morning. We will shout, wave our arms a bit and I will cry--therefore, automatically--by reason of tears, conceding Round One to Seth. We will then stalk off to separate corners of the house and sulk and mutter until one of us gets hungry. I will then make tuna sandwiches.

Afterward, we will sit side-by-side, under several blankets and watch a few of the shows we taped during the time Charlie was glued to indie rock videos and reruns of The Jersey Shore. It's good to see Grey's Anatomy and several episodes of Chopped but after chatting briefly about how Meredith is still annoying as hell despite her marriage to McDreamy and how the host of Chopped wears his pants too tight, we will revive the fight. Seth will tell me that I drove Charlie away by repeating myself, harping at him, asking him where he was going constantly even on days when he never left the house and over-feeding him. I will then remind Seth that Charlie had to leave in order to attend the spring semester of his senior year of college. Round Two, always unpredictable, is mine.

After this, I will hide with the portable phone and call Tom to tell him that "Dad is insane." Tom will tell me that he is on the other line, talking to Dad, who called to tell him that "Mom is insane." This is the cue for more fighting but we are growing tired. Round Three ends in a draw.

It's time to try to reach Charlie in the car and he will not answer because he is eating TCBY at a rest stop on the turnpike and I will panic. Seth will calm me down, reminding me of Charlie's fondness for TCBY and I will relax. A truce is announced. I will boil some pasta, throw something on it and we'll call it a day as we both slip into the dreamy abyss of a carb coma. We will awaken only to call Charlie, a few hours later, to make sure he has arrived safely. 

As you can see, I have a very busy day ahead, so I will wish you a wonderful weekend right now. Thanks to all of you reading every day and to those who signed up, this week, to "follow" the blog. It means the world to me. See you on Monday!

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  1. It's Friday afternoon in the government world...yep, I'm back reading.

    Loved this one. :-)