Friday, January 21, 2011

Unforseen Circumstances of A Bad Cat

Bad Cat
Innocent Victim

Sitting on edge of bed, minding own business, focusing on task at hand which involves--pardon the expression--toenails and a clipper. 

Nifi, a very bad cat, decides to bust chops of Fritzi, a rather old cat, and jumps at her, causing her to scream and leap up on bystander's leg, puncturing it with her set of little slashers and causing bystander--in alarm-- to gouge a huge chunk of--pardon the expression--skin out of toe. There is blood and yelling, followed by gauze, band aids and a little more yelling.

Time to leave house....favoring foot with bandage, hobbling out to driveway. Foot favoring causes loss of balance and corresponding slip on patch of ice. Big fall. Impressive elevation achieved as footing is lost. No bleeding because bouncing around on soft parts prevents it. No yelling because neighbor is scraping ice off vehicle directly across street.

This is all Nifi's fault. He is the bad cat and these were the unforseen circumstances

Other unforseen circumstances are how much fun I am having writing this blog and meeting you all through comments and other blogs. Thanks for signing up, adding me to blog rolls and offering advice. Most of all, thanks for reading. Have a great weekend--stay warm--and see you Monday!


  1. Isn't it funny how things can happen in an instant with animals? Doesn't it make you wonder if they were having a fight telepathically and the final thought was the final straw? Too funny! Oh, and sorry about your toe. Happy Friday! Love the blog.

  2. My God. You fall without yelling? I'm so impressed.

  3. hope u didn'y hurt the soft parts lol :)
    animals are sneaky buggers...years ago my cat would get stuff off the kitchen counter for my dog. it's like the dog said, "if u get me that food i promise not to chase u anymore" lol.
    hope your toe is ok

  4. Hi, Ladies...thanks for reading today!

    Maria, my cats are always figting telepathically...
    Michele, I didn't yell but my head almost exploded from not yelling and Miss Bee, my soft parts protect me from a lot but my toe is very sore....happy weekend, girls.