Friday, February 18, 2011

Today's Agenda: Hold Up Godiva Store With Banana

For some reason, I receive regular emails from Godiva chocolate.
Could it be that I signed up for it when in the Godiva store at the mall?

It's true that I often just pop in to stare at the strawberries. They hate it when I fog up the glass cases with my breath.

Perhaps, one of their smocked employees wheedled my email address from me but I have no conscious memory of it.

While I consistently refuse to give out my email address to retailers, once over the thresh hold of the Godiva store and under the spell of the sights and smells of the chocolate, I'd give them my ATM card password if they asked for it.

God, I hope they never asked for it. That could explain.........never mind.

I never buy Godiva for myself. While it is unspeakably luscious, it is also unspeakably expensive so I purchase it only for special people's special occasions (inaugurations, coronations, papal installations, stays of execution, etc.).

Today's email, however, combined the words peanut, pretzel and bark in the same sentence and now I cannot think of anything else. Midde East imploding, ah well. Give me sweet, salty, chocolaty......
This comes up right away in Google images when you type in "banana gun."

I asked Seth to restrain me with Bungee cords to keep me from driving to the mall and holding up the Godiva store with a banana but I managed to break free.

Then, before he left for a haircut, he tried duct tape but that is easily chewed through. I think he may have taken my car keys with him so it seems I'll be walking (which means I'll probably eat my weapon, the banana, along the way.....or, if I can hold out, I could force them to dip it in chocolate).

See you later, everyone...have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks to my readers and followers (sign up to the right), old and new. I appreciate your visiting this blog and I will try save some peanut, pretzel bark for all of you...but it's a long walk home from the mall so I'm not making any promises.

See you all after the holiday weekend!


  1. I'll let you in on a little secret... they now sell Godiva at Barnes and Nobles. Well, they did for V-Day. Not sure if they're still doing it. My husband got a nice little box of it for Valentine's day. 4 measly piece of chocolate. I, on the other hand, received a pound of Russell Stover's whom I've been having a torid affair with for years. I lust after Russell like there's no tomorrow.

  2. If you're going to use a banana as a gun make sure you freeze it first. An unfrozen banana just isn't scary.

  3. Really, at B& N, eh? And I lust after Russell, too....chocolate is chocolate!!

    I am going to be limited to B&N now---we're losing our local Borders.

  4. Wow, Michele....that's a really good point. I will do that in the future. And they can also be eaten if need be.

    I actually love frozen bananas....sprinkled with a little cinnamon. A weapon and a snack!