Monday, July 11, 2011

Head Case Betty

Miss Fritzi never married.
My oldest cat, Frtizi, has always been a sensitive sort.

Born to be a super model, she has posed in the sun for years but like so many with her enviable beauty, has suffered from the effects of being extremely high strung.

Hence, the nickname of Head Case Betty.

When Fritzi becomes Head Case Betty, she is sent to "the sanitarium" for as long as necessary to correct the problem. The problem, one that troubles many women cats of a certain age is, of course inappropriate peeing.

And, the sanitarium is the small bathroom off the master bedroom. We appoint it with a blanket-lined basket, food and drink as well as her very own litter box. We visit often throughout the day to administer affection and soft words of encouragement.

"Good girl, you can do it...use your little box-ie, good girl!"

My question is this: If you had an aunt (albeit a small furry one) living with you who took to peeing up your couch cushions or your fresh laundry, wouldn't you kick her ass straight into an institution?

I would.

Or, if you had a grandma (albeit a petite, whiskered one) who cleaned her private parts in company, one leg carelessly stretched over her head in order to provide optimum access, making weird little biting noises, wouldn't you make sure she was in a strait jacket and being carted out of your house on a dolly rather quickly?

I would.

This is what you get if you google "cat in strait jacket"

And, how about if you had an elderly cousin living with you (albeit one with occasional ear mites) who periodically hocked up a hairball under the kitchen table or on your bed, wouldn't you send her to another living situation post haste but not until assuring the cousin who got her next that she was very well-behaved and not any trouble at all?

I would.

But Fritzi isn't an aunt or my grandma or even a cousin. She's my little bag of feathery fur who I love very much.

Rock on, Fritzi--you're safe. They don't make strait jackets your size.
When not institutionalized, Fritzi likes to hang with her home girl.


  1. I had an old cat. Mooch. She was a very sweet little lady. She went a bit senile, but I still loved her. As you do. X

  2. I am far more senile than Fritzi---so far!

  3. Love your blog! (You know me as Sophia Butterbottom on Facebook.)

  4. Thank you so much, Joberta!
    Sophia Butterbottom, eh? Wish I'd thought of that....
    and your comment made my day!

  5. I need to meet these little creatures........I have to say, cats are fascinating, no matter how old they are.