Friday, July 22, 2011

What Do Julius Erving and Mussolini Have in Common? More Than You Think!

If you are strong of heart and can, typically, keep your eyes open during whatever is on the other end of "the following surveillance footage may prove disturbing..." picture this:

I sleep in a position that could be interpreted as either the facist salute or the great Julius Erving, sinking a jump shot.

I am neither implying that Dr. J is, or ever has been, a facist nor that facists enjoy basketball---but they might, it is a great game.

What is happening, is that I am getting stiffer and turning from side to side, during the night, isn't as painless as it once was.

A turn from left to right now means that Dr. J or Mussolini must flip -- picture an oxygen-deprived fish with one dead fin --to the opposite side until the sore fin "defrosts" and can, once again, be of service.
Actually, I do like basketball.

Once the stiffness in the fin, er, I mean the arm subsidesit is of minimal use so it's a huge relief that I rarely (notice I didn't say never) have to summon a cab from my bed in the middle of the night.

Even in my younger, pre-stiffness years, I used to contemplate how much easier it might be to sleep if ones arms could be unscrewed and laid on dry ice in the "night limb storage locker" until the morning. I neglected, however, to factor in the necessary leverage arms and legs provide when changing position

So, while I keep my arms screwed on at night, lately they are of little use unless you count getting Italy's trains to run on time or being the high scorer for the Nets--all before sunrise.

Jealousy will get you nowhere.

It is on this note that I wish you all a grand weekend. Keep cool, smile a lot if possible and remember that I appreciate that you read this blog very much.

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  1. I sleep scrunkled up into a ball, usually with Yoshi tucked in somewhere - which is great at the moment because it is so cold... unless I'm having a hot flush... sigh.
    Have a great weekend and don't hog the airconditioner breeze - it's not friendly :-)