Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Another Monday: A Dangerous Cult,The Debt Crisis and the Death of Amy Winehouse

What a shame.
When I awoke this morning, I did what I usually do...grope around and pat the heads of the cats that have come to snuggle close and then, to their annoyance, snap on the TV quickly in order to avoid any thought of my own actually popping into my head.

As I've mentioned before, thinking can be too destructive but today's news really made me squirm:

I see, yet again, that the powers responsible for preventing the world from entering an era of total financial ruin are, yet again, engaging in what is consistently described as "brief sessions" at the White House.

Brief sessions?

Pardon moi, but if Seth and I were about to lose our home and put ourselves, our children and our children's children into debtor's prison, lose our credibility and, because of the ripple effect of our personal stupidity and lack of foresight, cause our neighbors to struggle financially as well, you can bet your smart phones (ass wagering app) that we would be discussing the problem 'round the clock until we came up with a solution.

I then wondered, as I regularly do, what sort of eye liner John Boehner is wearing because it looks great---very natural, not too smoky, doesn't run when he cries---very flattering

Next, it's Amy Winehouse. I happen to love her music and rock out regularly to "Back to Black" in the car. I kind of liked her gross hair and creepy makeup and had been pulling for her to defeat her demons as I anticipated another great album sometime in the future.

But here's a girl who gave her life away.

Yeah, yeah...some creative people are "too sensitive for the world." I've heard those excuses and don't care. Get help, sensitive artists. Stop buying ketamine,coke and heroin and washing it all down with a bottle of vodka and being found dead in your apartments.

Straighten out your acts and get back to celebrating the talent that God chose to give YOU.

This morning's next totally retch-worthy story was about Warren Jeffs, the leader of a Mormon fundamentalist sect who built his cult around a man's right to have as many wives as he wants.

This, in itself, doesn't bother me. I have no problem with whatever assholery takes place between consenting adults and, in fact, have long suspected that Seth has a second family near his job. I hope his other wife is more agreeable than I am.

But, for this self-proclaimed prophet, "many wives" means marrying 11 year old girls. Where are their mothers? Totally brainwashed, so forget about them...they don't deserve the title. And Warren Jeffs doesn't deserve a penis so I advocate it's immediate removal.

So there you have it, just another Monday morning at "Susan Says..."

We've covered the financial ruin of Planet Earth, drug overdoses and the removal of a man's most precious possession and I don't mean his Brett Favre autographed jersey.

Until next time....


  1. Love it! We must be 'take no crap' mouthy twins! lol ; )~

  2. I'm with you about Mr. Jeff. I think having him neutered is a fabulous idea.

  3. Thanks, SunChic...not even havning my jaws wired shut will help me! I appreciate your comment!

  4. I just finished reading about him, his younger years he spent his time sodomizing young boys. Nice guy, huh?

  5. The FLDS are sick. If the women even try to speak up, they're committed to FLDS mental institutions or have all their teeth taken out......I've read books by two of the women who ran away, one of whom managed to win custody of eight kids. For these kinds of cases, castration is not cruel and unusual, it fits the crime!

    They also kick out all the teen boys so that the girls can only marry the older men. Aren't they a lovely group? Not to mention that they make the sane religious people (like yours truly) look bad.

  6. I know, Katie---it's absolutely horrific.

    And did you read my above response to a comment about what Jeffs did in his younger years. He's a true menace. XO to you.

  7. I read about Warren Jeffs too - what an evil creep.
    On the politcal side ... I have to admit, watching from the other side of the world, that if THAT'S the way democracy works - benevolent dictatorship seems a not too bad option...

  8. We actually seem to be having a bit of a benevolent dictatorship here these days, actually....and yes, Jeffs is a monster.