Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Agreement Reached Between Buzzy Szold and Blog Management

Discovery Channel viewing time was a reported sticking point during the negotiations.
Buzzy Szold, his management and "Susan Says.." are happy to report that an agreement was reached after nearly 26 hours of uninterrupted and intense negotiation. All parties appeared exhausted but happiness was evident as they emerged, disheveled but clearly relieved after over a full day behind closed doors. Sequestered with little more than coffee and kibble, the lights were immediately turned out in the garage once the negotiations were completed.

Talks broke down around 3 AM when lawyers for "Susan Says..." in what appeared to have been a response to a productive segment of the negotiations, gave the "thumbs up" sign through the window to the waiting cameras. Buzzy Szold, who has no thumbs, felt this was a blatant slap in the face and stormed out of the session to hide under a bush for close to an hour. Coaxed out by a handful of Pounce Treats, talks were resumed after promises for increased sensitivity were made by representatives of "Susan Says..."

The terms of the agreement have not yet been made public but information has been leaked and it appears that "unlimited catnip," one of Buzzy's original demands, was scrapped early in the process and that the "bubbler" fountain was also taken off the table soon after talks began. Sources for the blog hinted that one of those padded window platforms that attach under the sill had come into play and that a "vigorous brushing" had been knocked down from twice a day to only in the morning. It has also been hinted that hairball medicine and squeaky toys came into play but details are still unclear. The source, who prefers to remain anonymous but has a very, deep throaty meow, informed us that both "treats" and wet food will be more forthcoming but that Buzzy had to commit to wearing a ceramic Santa hat in today's photo.

A press conference has been scheduled for later this afternoon.

Upon hearing the news, crowds gathered and celebrated peacefully.

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