Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Chanukah!
Good morning!  I have two things to run by all of you this morning. First, I wanted to alert you to the fact that a California congresswoman has introduced a bill that will regulate the volume of the commercials you see on television. The name of this bill is the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, or CALM Act. Very cute. They probably organized a committee to come up with that so it could have a fun acronym. She is worried about the spikes in volume that advertisers use to get your attention.  Unemployment has risen two tenths of a percent in recent weeks and this is what your congress is discussing with serious faces on the floor of Capitol. 

Okay, next:  Happy Chanukah to all celebrating!!  Kick up your heels and enjoy that honey cake. Chanukah was so early this year that it snuck by me on tip toes and I apologize for not mentioning it earlier. Happy, healthy holidays to all!!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Thanks so much for reading this week. I am now going to try to spread the rumor that President Obama and Tim Geithner (who really are scheduled to get together to discuss the nation's woes today at the White House) will be having their meeting in a sweat lodge and will later "hug out" the problems with the economy.

Watch this space tomorrow for an unexpectedly fabulous---and ridiculously easy--recipe I stumbled across last weekend.

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