Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pretending she can read...
Things Recently Overheard:
In Target, yesterday in the shoe section.....
A woman struggling with a little girl of about three who did not want to try on snowboots: "If you don't stop wiggling around, I will not buy you these boots and you will never go outside again."
Also, in Target, a few minutes later but in the hosiery aisle:
One young lady of approximately nineteen years of age, wearing sweats and Uggs, to another nearly identical young lady: "Now, all I need is to find a boyfriend. One who actually likes me."
And, overheard this morning:
"No!  Nooooooo!!  Anything but that!!! Tell me you're kidding!!!! "Please, noooo!!!  NOOOOOO!!!!"
Me, upon learning that trees have been killed for paper used to print a book by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi who has been proudly lowering the standards for idiots everywhere since arriving on the pop culture scene last year. The book, about romance at the Jersey Shore, will be released this January.  Shame on you, Simon and Schuster. Shame.
Have a great day today, friends....catch you all tomorrow.

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