Monday, December 27, 2010


Every winter on bitterly cold days such as this, I try to remember what a summer day is like. I do the opposite in the hot months and find the chill of winter impossible to recollect, as well. Unable to draw on sentient memories of a cold day to refresh me when I'm a sweaty mess or warm thoughts to comfort me in the cold, I've come to realize that I have a very small range of temperature (and humidity) levels at which I am totally comfortable.

There are about twelve days of the year---six in May, the other six in October--when I am not whining about the fact that I'm either too hot or too cold. I also complain aggresively about my arch enemy, humidity. It's rare that I'm not either perspiring and disgruntled when the levels are too high or slapping on creams and waxy balms when they're too low. Too hot, too cold, too humid, too dry--I am not proud to be a weather malcontent.

But I am kind of loving today. Having a blizzard hit the northeast has certainly been an unpleasant event for many: thousands are stranded in airports and I empathize with their plight as well as worry about the homeless and those without heat or shelter. 

I, however, am selfishly enjoying the cozy nature of a day where both my kids---home for the Christmas holidays--are stuck indoors with Mama. Yeeeehaaa--my skills as a sandwich and hot cocoa maker will surely be in demand! Maybe either Tom or Charlie will mention jello and I will race into the kitchen to dissolve the sweet red grit into water I have merrily boiled! Or someone will muse aloud about cinnamon toast or grilled cheese with tomato and I will immediately fling myself back into the kitchen to cheerfully whip it up! Or oatmeal!  Or an omelet! Oh, joy!

Perhaps I can bully someone into chatting with me for a bit or watching a movie. Dare I dream that a game of gin rummy or scrabble might be included in this snow-day agenda? That may be pushing it. But if I squint, tilt my head at about 45 degrees and employ all my powers of self-delusion (which are formidable), I may be able to successfully pretend, if just for a moment, that my boys are little again, need me and are as overjoyed as I to be stuck inside on a snowy, blowy day such as today.

I hope you're all safe, snug and warm, too.

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