Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Buzzy's Revenge.....More on Thumbs.

What would Fonzie have done without thumbs?

While doing something, no doubt, extremely important, the other day, it appears I injured my thumb. I know this because it's swollen and red and hurts like the fire of a thousand suns when I banged it into the faucet a few minutes ago.

This "thumb situation" has rendered my left (thankfully) hand virtually useless and is very ironic since I am often very pre-occupied with the limitations imposed on my cat, Buzzy, due to his lack of not one but two opposable thumbs. As a concession to Buzzy, I intend to spend my day observing and making note of what I cannot do as a result of this unfortunate injury. So far, it was both tricky (and very painful) to change the litter box, typing is a free-for-all and buttoning my coat is looking very iffy.

Buzzy is, of course---especially in the face of recent contract negotiation hijinks and so-called "sensitivity issues"--pleased that I will  now have an opportunity to develop a clearer grasp (hahahahah!!!) of his plight. Buzzy may be giving my ability to internalize the emotional pain of others far too much credit and will certainly be less festive when he sees how "challenging" it is to fill his little bowl with crunchies and dispense the treats he so enjoys at the end of a tough day being a pampered cat who naps in a Zappos box for hours on end.

Meanwhile I will also keep an eye on the finger in question which is beginning to resemble a Looney Tunes cartoon thumb (you know the kind---after Elmer Fudd smashes his thumb with a hammer while attempting to keep Bugs Bunny from escaping by boarding up the entrance to the hollow tree he's hiding in but he's not really in there.....).

 I seem to injure fingers regularly even though the only manual labor I perform is putting my summer shoes away for the winter and vice verse. My fingers often seem to be in the wrong place a the wrong time--occasionally sending me to the local ER where men in green (not doctors, just men wearing green) gleefully slice, dig, irrigate with anti-biotics and send me home with enough percocet to stun an army. Hopefully, it will not come to his and I will see you all tomorrow.

Buzzy is now going to laugh at me while I attempt to do some gift-wrapping. I'm starting to wonder if Buzzy and I are spending just a little too much time together...........

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