Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"No one can deny my contribution to this blog
and demanding proper compensation is in
no way out of line." Buzzy Szold
This just in from the Associated Press:  The observant among you may have noticed that the daily photo of Buzzy in "Susan Says..." is not up to its usual high standards this morning.  This is due to the fact that budding celebrity Buzzy Szold has been showing signs of rebellion lately, expressing extreme discontent with his compensation package for his contributions to the blog.

Management strongly disagrees but is currently in intense negotiations over possible additions to his contract. Among other things, Buzzy is demanding "treats" more than once a day as well as a vigorous brushing both "upon rising and immediately before bed," additional wet food, unlimited catnip, no more Costco brand litter in his box, a heating pad in his basket between the months of November and April and an electric "bubbler" cat fountain.

"Without me, she'd be nothing," Buzzy was recently quoted as saying in December's issue of "Feline Idol," adding "while she thinks I've let my recent noteriety go to my head, I know that the success of that stupid blog is due, in great part, to me." 

Management freely acknowledges that whatever modest success the blog has achieved is due, in some part to Buzzy but feels that his lavish lifestyle of snacking, napping, looking out of (several different) windows and watching the Discovery Channel for long, uninterrupted periods should be sufficient. Since negotiations are in full swing, it remains to be seen what new contract agreements will be reached in the next 24 hours. Both sides express a desire to come to an agreement and move on. 

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