Monday, December 13, 2010

Nolan Carroll's Mom vs. Sal Alosi

Trip my son? I think not.
Many years ago ago when my oldest son, Tom, was very small, I watched a dysfunctional little twerp stretch out a stubby leg and trip him during an afternoon at our weekly playgroup. Tom, all of three, hit the floor and despite having banged his knee and chin,  quickly resumed playing.

I, however, became a ball of simmering, vindictive rage when this kid's mother, who had also witnessed the event, did absolutely nothing. This kid was a known factor at playgroup. He loved to push others down, grab toys and was, in general, a mean spirited little bastardo whose behavior went unchecked because his mother chose to ignore it. I learned that talking to the woman about it was useless.  Either she didn't care, was too exhausted from coping with this deviant at home or was as much of a jerk as he was. 

After another incident involving Tom, I realized that something had to be done and took it upon myself to threaten the kid personally. Whispering something really mean into his tiny ear, I recognized that evil of his caliber could only be affected by evil of equal magnitude. And, if he repeated it to anyone---which, to my knowledege, he never did--no one would have believed that someone as apparently (hahahahahaha!!) sane as I would ever say such things to a small child.

To sum it up---it worked. He stopped his aggressively nasty behavior (and avoided me like the plague) and, although they left playgroup a few months later, the remaining time with him was uneventful. Needless to say, I never mentioned this to any other mothers from that group but I can now say, "You are most welcome." I did tell my husband who has been patiently waiting for us to get sued for over 20 years.

My point is this: The Jets coach who tripped that young player on the sidelines should be put in a room with that kid's mother for about an hour. I doubt he'd try anything that low and unsportsmanlike again. 

Maternally administered vigilante justice is very powerful. Perhaps my whispered words into the ear of that budding playgroup bully saved him from a life of crime or, perhaps, all of you now think I am a certified maniac. Regardless, I did what a mother does if someone trips her kid. And, if anyone does it again to either of my two grown up lummoxes, you can expect it to happen again.

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