Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Recipe: Easy Sandwich Cookies!

Cute and Easy Sandwich Cookies
 Last Saturday I came across some unusually good baking (equivalents) tips and shared them here (check archives).  I received such an overwhelming response that I want to share a recipe from last week's baking event that was a huge and unexpected hit.
These cookies are my version of a recipe using premade dough. I bake, mostly, from scratch but keep a log of sugar cookie dough handy for baking emergencies or to use as a weapon. I needed plenty of cookies fast and these were a smash hit. My cookie eaters all give them thumbs up. This is easy, also, for college students with limited room and a lack of electric mixers--none are needed. In fact, no fancy stuff is needed, at all!
"Susan Says..." Small, Cute and Easy Sandwich Cookies
Heat oven to 350
1 roll refrigerated sugar cookie dough
1/2 cup flour
1 tsp (or two capfuls) almond extract
some granulated sugar in small bowl or on a plate
1 package cream cheese, softened a bit
2/3 cup confectioner's sugar--or, to taste depending on your need for sweet
1/2 tsp (or one cap) almond extract
I drop (literally) red food coloring, if you want to tint the filling to a pleasant, very light pink (I did and it looked really nice).
Rip open tube of dough without feeling guilty that you are using pre-made dough--let it soften for a few minutes. Place in mixing bowl and soften it further by breaking it up with a wooden spoon and add flour, almond extract. Knead or continue mixing until ingredients are smooth and combined. I didn't knead it--just mixed and it was ready very quickly!
Spray cookie sheets lightly with Pam and start shaping dough (I sat down for this) into approximately 100-120 half-inch balls. These are smaller than you think but  do not fear, it works. Place them about one inch apart on cookie sheet. Flatten each one with a small glass (I used the bottom of a glass salt shaker) that has been dipped in the granulated sugar. I had to dip for nearly each cookie because the dough gets a little sticky. Pop into preheated oven for 6-8 minutes or until a very pale golden and remove from oven. Let sit on baking sheet once done for about a minute before transferring to cooling rack. Cool completely (about 1/2 hour). Your kitchen smells fabulous right now.
With a fork, blend confectioner's sugar and one drop food coloring into softened cream cheese. Once cookies are cool, spread about 1/2 tsp filling mixture on flat, un-sugared side of cookie and make a little sandwich with another cookie. This will go fast and you will want to eat them as you go because they are small, cute and delicious.  Resist because whoever you are baking them for will be very impressed and think you worked very hard which you did not.
Yield about 50-60 cookies.
Variations:  You could try lemon extract instead of almond or, use no flavorings but put a little cinnamon into the granulated sugar you use for flattening.
You will love these!!

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